Motivation and Celebration


A look into how our preparations for the wider opening are progressing.

VE Day Celebrations OLQP Style

As a school we think it is very important to remember all of the people who gave everything during the war. We are always very proud of how respectful our children are at times like this. You make us proud every day children and we miss you all very much. #We'llmeetagain

Staff Silliness to Make You Smile

Some of our staff having a go at the "water challenge" to make you smile and hopefully help to brighten your day during these strange times.

Easter Message

One of our Key Stage 1 pupils wanted to share a special Easter message.

Keep Smiling!

You can count on our children to help make us smile during these difficult times! Please send any short clips or photos of your children laughing, smiling, dancing and doing happy things to

Mrs Richardson's Message

During the school closure due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Mrs Richardson sends a message out to all pupils about how to stay connected during this unusual time. Send her photos of our children home learning, doing exercise or baking activities or reading a story to: She will then be able to add them to our Facebook page. Thank you.

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